Premium WordPress Themes Free is a Scam!

nulled scripts cryptoPHP infections scam site screenshotAre you looking for a premium WordPress themes for free? If so, you came to the right place. Not because I will give you one, but because I am going to warn you- Don’t download it! A lot of webmasters are putting pirated WordPress themes on their blogs, and their servers are being hijacked, and crashing. From what I could gather, it happens 99% of the time. Any time you see a website claiming to have a free download of a premium WordPress theme, it is a scam! Don’t believe it. Oh, you will get a download alright. But it won’t be just the theme you so desperately think you need. It will contain malicious PHP code that can and will take over your server. It’s known as nulled scripts and cryptoPHP infections. Please read the rest of this.

WordPress Theme Test Drive: Customizr

Customizr WordPress theme options panelWow, I like the free Customizr WordPress theme! In fact, I’m going to keep it on here for now, and maybe forever. The funny thing is, I decided to start a section called WordPress Theme test Drive, where I will review and test WordPress themes. The free Customizr theme was the first one I planned on doing a review on. But, while I was testing it, I fell in love with it! I have never seen so many options on a free theme. It has a very powerful back-end, with multiple layouts and color schemes to choose from. So, my first theme review may be my last! However, just to clarify, after I made some customizations through the options panel, I decided to make a child theme for any additional changes I make.

Best Free Responsive WordPress Themes 2015

Customized Magazine Basic Theme screenshotMy favorite WordPress Themes change all the time, not only year to year, but even month to month. Right now, these are my favorite ones below. I like them because they are responsive first, and I mean they actually look good in a small mobile phone. Don’t trust Google’s mobile-friendly test- see it with your own eyes at Then, they also have to look awesome on a big monitor desktop computer. If they do both of those, next I look for a creative, news magazine style layout- I hate the two-column blog look (although the Twenty-Fifteen Theme pulls that off in a clean way.) If I get that far (which is rare), I look for easy customization options. If a person can’t make it their own, what’s the point?

How to Remove Footer Links in WordPress

Footer LinksWordPress is amazing. It’s web 2.0 for real. I just love it. However, if you are going to use free WordPress Themes, there are always those annoying little links in the footer. Those links make you look unprofessional in my opinion. So I usually remove them.

I know that isn’t very fair to the person who did all the hard work writing code for the theme, but you can make that up to the guy in other ways. I suggest writing a little blog post about how cool his theme is along with a link to his site, and the theme. Or, send him a little money and upgrade to a pro-version of the theme. But with any “official” WordPress theme (as in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 themes, etc) those footer links you can remove with no hard feelings. They have a ton of links anyway. Besides, WordPress takes pride in being free and open-source.

To remove those pesky footer links, follow these simple steps:

The Sidebar Text Keeps Jumping Left and Right (Solved)

2015 WordPress Theme with the sidebar on the rightWhen I first created my Twenty Fifteen Child Theme, I had a slight problem- the text in the sidebar would jump left and right whenever I scrolled the page. I looked at it in different browsers, and as far as I could tell it only did that with Firefox on a large monitor. Of course, a lot of people use Firefox with large monitors these days, including me, so a fix was in order. To really fix it, I would have to edit the js code (and I’m not very good at that). But I did find a simple solution that worked like a champ. All I did was have less information in the sidebar. If there is no more text there (that you’d have to scroll to see) it doesn’t jump. Simple. I like simple.

Twenty Fifteen Child Theme Download

twentyfifteen-child-theme-screenshot (600x382)Here is the download link for the Twenty Fifteen Child Theme.

The only thing it does is move the sidebar to the right.

To install this theme, simply upload the zip-file the same way you would any other theme. Just make sure you also have the parent theme installed first. If you don’t have the TwentyFifteen theme installed, download 2015 theme first here.

If you’d like to see exactly how I made this child theme, go to 2015 Theme: How to Move the Sidebar to the Right Side.

Thanks for using it. See you around the web!

2015 Theme: How to Move Sidebar to the Right Side

twenty-fifteen WordPress Child Theme screenshotI really like the 2015 WordPress Theme. It’s clean, uncluttered, mobile-friendly, loaded with options, and super-fast. But, it has a slight problem- When you look at it on a mobile device, you have to scroll through the whole sidebar before you get to the page content. Plus, I like my sidebars on the right side anyway as a general rule. So I moved the sidebar to the right side. What I had to do was create a 2015 Child Theme. I’ll explain how I did it exactly, and even give you a download link in case you’d like to try it out on your site.